IT Services

Staff Augmentation

Our seasoned professionals will be part of your team, to meet your needs without the administrative burden of onboarding FTEs.

An endless flow of new requirements can stretch your development team to the max, there by affecting timelines and quality of the projects themselves.

That’s where Thinkonic can help, by:

App Development

Our development team can quickly build a custom app or custom enhancements to your existing app

We have skills in building web apps, mobile apps and user experience.

What to expect:



Architecture Review

We ensure optimal app & backend architecture to scale as per need of your customers.

Our hands-on experts in JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, React JS, Node JS and .NET can guide you with best industry coding practices so that your code and architecture is robust.

Our experts can help in smart solutions for cross cutting concerns there by reducing cost incurred in hiring support team.

What to expect:


Requirement Analysis

Our team of business analysts can help you in gathering and documenting business and user requirements.

What to expect:

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